Emotions Shirt That Stimulates Fake Emotions from Philips


This Emotions Stimulator shirt was first revealed by Philips at 2009 World Haptics Conference to be a shirt that will let you feel the feeling you would never had before.

In the example expressed by Laura Feinstein at psfk.com, This Philips emotions stimulator will help you feel the “Live or Death” feeling of a Kung-Fu master such as Bruce Lee when facing his near death experience.

So how is the shirt possible to stimulate such a feeling? Philips’ scientist explains that the shirt stimulate your body by sending series of waves and electronic pulses to your skin and replicating feelings such the hurt feeling, anxiety and excitement.

Such a shirt might have a good future development for future gamers who would like the taste the “hurt” as their game character being hit by enemy while the player is not actually hit by something physically.

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