Advanced FlashLight – Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder

Here is an advanced flashlight equipped with Video recorder and 17 infrared LEDs encircle the main light to provide a better night view and up to 13 feet for night recording.

This flashlight is very useful to capture the critical moment when you’ve found a theft or wild animal wandering at your neighborhood and trying to hurt you. You can use it either to take a snapshot of their face as your evident or use it as your weapon to knock them down (require a little Kung-Fu for this :) ).


It certainly looks normal, except the bigger front head part with additional CMOS sensor and camera lens for recording purposes. The main Light is consist of infrared LEDs light and one 3-watt cool-white LED light.

You can use this Infrared flashligh video recorder to record up to 15 seconds of video and 500 snapshots with its built-in 128MB memory (expandable to 2GB via microSD card).

Other features such as built-in microphone to allows you to record sounds, LCD display to help you noticing the battery life, a USB port to let you connect to your PC and download all data (video, sounds, photos).

You will need three C batteries for three hours of usage. Pretty a short life, so make sure to get a rechargeable C batteries instead.

This Flashlight Battery is yours for $399.95 via Hammacher.

(via BookofJoe)

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