LEVEL Portable Ice Box Cooler Concept for Summer Picnic

Summer is here! So people has start submitting their creation with the summer mood in mind. This time, a designer named Bryon Lee design an ice box cooler for summer picnic. So what special in this concept? Let’s take a look!


Bryon Lee dubbed it as LEVEL portable Ice Box Cooler, and it has several unique features attached. The main attraction on this portable Ice Box Cooler is the uniquely designed handles. The position of the handles is slightly above the center point and the cooler box’s bottom is heavy to prevent random spins.


The “LEVEL” button in the middle act as the locker for the handles so you can either set it free or lock it down. Two more great features are the inner divider and draining system. The Divider will be able to balancing the Ice box cooler for easier carry around while the draining system will help you remove residual water.


This is a good ice box cooler concept, but you will not be able to enjoy this cooler on this summer. Well, it’s still in a concept stage. No one actually know when it could be materialized.

(via YankoDesign)

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