Sony PSP Rumor: New PSP with 8/16GB Flash Storage

Another new PSP rumor has raised from the sleeve of Sony. Although Sony still keep quiet about this rumor, guys at has the leaked(?) information about the future Sony PSP will have no more UMD and replaced with Flash storage in two size of 8GB and 16GB.


The above image is artist’s rendered. So, it’s still not the final/true future Sony PSP. The next generation PSP will have only one analog control, the D-PAD will show itself when you slide them like HTC Touch Pro2. No word about the screen is touchable or not. But Let’s hope we can get a similar feature as iPhone in the next generation Sony PSP.

The naming of the next generation PSP is going to be a suffixed-based such as Sony PSP Go!, PSP Slide or PSP Flip instead of running number similar to PlayStation Console (PS1, PS2, PS3).

The launching date is suggested in this September in Japan while US launching date will be around the late October. Once again, this is just a rumor as Sony really cast a ‘mute’ spell to not leaking a further news about it.

(via 2DayBlog and SlashGear)


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