The Official Amazon Kindle DX

Amazon has released a new Kindle called Amazon Kindle DX. DX is stand for Deluxe version which has a bigger screen size and internal storage capacity.


Amazon Kindle DX has 9.7-inch screen size which is 3.7-inch bigger than the previous Kindle 2. The display comes with out rotation feature, 3G wireless access to buy and download the 275k books, 3.3GB of storage (up to 3500 books), New 5-way controller, Native PDF support, no multi-year wireless contract or monthly service payments, and priced at $489.

(via Gadgetell, Winarco and GearFuse)

UPDATE: Amazon Kindle DX available for Pre-order now!

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  • Hi Kenxu, its a good idea from the plastic logic we must thanks to them. with their innovation our environment will be more clean. Let’s hope it will release soon.

    • Yes, I agree. It’s just too bad it will not released for us who live outside of US. :)

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