Water Clock by Kouichi Okamoto

Here is an interesting clock dubbed as Water clock by Kouchi Okamoto, a japanese artist. It’s a plain block with two mini sized balls with one of them colored in Red.


Kouichi Okamoto’s Water Clock tells time with water and magnets. Inside the ceramic base are 2 rotating magnets which attract 2 balls – the red one showing the hours, the white one the minutes.

Will work with any plate, glass, combination thereof or anything that can hold water.

Water clock has the most minimalistic design and looks very clean. The only question is what actually powering up the mechanism inside the clock?


There is no data about the power source in the sales page at Generate. You’d only get the basic specs such as Dimensions (2″H x 7.85″W x 7.85″) and Materials (Ceramic, Polypropylene, Magnets) along with the whopping $299 price mark. So what’s powering the magnet to move around? That’s a mystery… 😉

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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