Jam Jacket Game: DLO Latest iPod Touch Case

Love to play games with your Apple iPod Touch? If so, you will need to equip your iPod Touch with a special made gaming suit from DLO dubbed as Jam Jacket Game.


This Silicone case from DLO has in integrated comfort grip similar to their previous Jam Jacket version. It also comes with a Surface Shield to prevent scratch from your finger nails or shape objects.

The reason to equip a good silicone case is that you’ll probably experience hand cramping because of iPod Touch slim build. With the DLO Jam Jacket Game silicone case installed, you’ll get a better grip and play your game in a much more enjoyable experience.


Well, if you have some cash to spend, DLO Jam Jacket Game is only $19 to get one. Go ahead to our Shopping Channel to search for it or use the provided comparison below to find the best price:


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