Puppy Speakers – Speakers Set for Puppy Fans


Now tell me, who hate will hate this Puppy speakers that stand quietly while can barks in good tune of music? I guess no one would stupid enough to hate it. But it’s all the matter of taste. This Puppy Speakers Looks so retro-like, classic, girls-only, cute, but completely Adorable!

This set of Puppy speakers is the creation of Japan Trust Company and they also dubbed this speakers as “Wonderful Speakers” for puppy lovers. The speakers is actually placed at the puppy’s belly and the sounds seems to be hitting the desk first before arriving to user’s ears.


Something that’s pretty funny on this set of speaker is the mismatch puppy breed. The left side is the cute Beagle(?)(Some say it’s cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy) while on the right side is the Dalmatian breed. Is this intentionally or not, I’m not sure. All I know is this stuff is only available in Japan for now.

(via Foolish Gadgets and Craziest Gadgets)

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