iPod Hoodies Sleeve: Humanize your iPod

Ever think your iPod is inhuman? Well, I know it’s a silly question. But most of the time, it’s neccessary to make some smile and laughter in the weekend! :) The reason for asking such a question because I’ve found one accessory that would turn your iPod into a human-like, have a head in the hoody and you can use it store your earbuds.


With this iPod Hoodies it will give your iPod some style and a bit of attitude. Chavs might look a bit stupid but your Ipod or MP3 player certainly won’t. Dressing up your iPod in clothes might normally earn you some strange looks, but adorning it in this Hoody cover makes it look good whilst keeping it protected.

The Hoody cover is ideal for keeping things well protected and stopping those nice shiny gadgets getting hundreds of tiny scratches.

The funky and stylish cover can also be used for your mobile phone or many other devices. Just see below for a size guide.

iPod Hoodies is only £8 ($10.90 USD) and you can get it at LazyboneUK.

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