Wii jOG Controller – New Way to Have Fun

Nintendo Wii Gamer now has a new method to have fun with their family and friends. A new Controller called Wii jOG Controller has released and sold like a hot cake in the Wii Devotee market. Here is what this Wii Jog controller looks like:


Wii jOG Controller Features:

  • The signal that controls character movement is blocked until you start jogging on the spot.
  • It has two modes: Jog & Couch Potato.
  • In Jog mode you will not be able to move your character until you start jogging. Each step you take lights up the LED on the Jog Controller and gives you control of your character for 1 second (approx).
  • In Couch Potato mode the LED is lit continuously, jogging has no impact on the game and your steps will not be counted on the pedometer.
  • The inbuilt pedometer will keep a record of every step you’ve taken or the number of calories you’ve burnt and display them on the controllers LCD.
  • Clips easily onto your clothes – you’ll hardly know it’s there. Unless you forget to jog.
  • Works with all Wii games that allow you to control the characters movement (e.g. walking) using the nunchuk controller.
  • Some Wii games work better than others so please check out the constantly updated list here.
  • Wii Sport is not compatible.
  • The Jog Gaming Controller has only been tested with officially licensed Wii Remotes and Nunchuks, so it may not work if you’re using a third party controller.
  • Suitable for ages 7 years +.
  • Size: 4 x 4 x 2cm.


Wii Jog controller is compatible with more than 50+ popular games title such as Call of Duty 3, Mario Power Tennis, Resident Evil 4 and Zelda Twilight Princess. You can find the complete list at this jOG game compatibility list.

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