Noodle-like Eco Chair Built from Garden Hoses and Wires

Kwangho Lee, a Chinese Designer has design a super delicious looking Eco-Chair built from garden hoses or electrical wires. Why it looks so delicious to me is because of the structure that resembled an instant noodle!


See? More on the Instant noodle side if you view it far away. But as soon as you go near to this Eco Chair, you will immediately notice the garden hoses pattern in the pipes. I’m not sure if this eco chair is comfortable or not, but by judging from the garden hoses stiffness, It should be so hurt to sit onto it.


More cool factor is that this eco chair used thrown away garden hoses and wires as the main material to built the chair. Which means the environment will have less land fill because of Kwangho Lee creativity.

Perfectly good to use indoor and outdoor. There is enough ventilation at the bottom so you will have a good air circulation beneath the seat.

(via iGreenSpot)

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