Taga Stroller – a Good Alternative to Zigo Bike

Taga stroller, in the first view looks pretty much the same as Zigo Bike that we have covered sometime ago. it’s a bike-like carrier to carry children in the front side, but Taga Stroller has a few new levels of convenience for moms.


The few more great feature for moms is the foldable frame so you can actually stuffed it into your car trunk and unfolding it only takes several minutes. with Taga Stroller, you can even install one more seat for your kid which mean you can carry two of your cute children at a time. Very convenience as the position of your child is in front of your eyes so you can fulfill their needs.


Other additional stuff that could be added is a covered seats for rainy days, shopping baskets, and you can even adjust the length of the Frame in Taga Stroller. Unfortunately, if you are in US, this Taga is not available yet (for Europe only).

(via Dvice)

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  • Wow – very cool! Zigo bike is really cool too but the folding feature of this is definitely appealing.

    Now, if only it was chainless – it would have the complete package!


    • Sound Interesting. Abio Bikes chainless bike looks good for City Ride. Thanks for commenting, TC. :)

  • candy

    Zigo is doing a discount for certain states in the US.. I found it here http://blog.myzigo.com/

    • Thanks for the new tip, Candy. Will check them out! :)

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