Automatic Tape Dispenser

If you want to have something uncommon in your office desk, get one of this Automatic Tape Dispenser. It’s a strange but cool little office toy to help you getting your tape automatically without the need to pull and cut manually.


Seriously… getting a piece of tape has NEVER been this much fun! Our Colorful Automatic Tape Dispenser makes your desk hi-tech! With its bright colors and transparent case, you can see the inner workings in action! No more low-tech for your desk now huh?

Sadly, this little gadget required 4 Pieces of AA batteries to operate and it’s not included in the price of $28.99. It’s depend on you now, if you need some weird and cool little gadget for your desk, you can find this automatic tape dispenser at PerpetualKid.

(via RGS)

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