Flower Pattern Power Plate by Kenzo Takada

Basically, Power Plate is a revolutionary fitness machine with the most efficient training device ever made. Once you step into the plate, the power plate machine will uses vibrations to shake your body. It’s confirmed that the vibration will help you gain a new level of health and fitness.


So perhaps that is the reason for Kenzo Takada to pour his creativity to this magnificent fitness machine. He use his Japanese style flower pattern as the main decoration and turn it into an appealing mix of colorful flowers.

This flowery power plate was first revealed in Paris and it is going to available for a limited numbered with price mark of EUR 7,990 (about US $10,900)

(via BornRich)


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  • This machine is the smallest of all the Power Plate area. If simplicity is one of the most important criteria is that the machine for you. Only a stop / start button, the button only once 30sec / 60 sec options, a button high and low intensity and REPEAT button. Easy. The frequency of 35 Hz, which means that you balance on the plateau 35 times per second.

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