Keyboard Pants is a cool Tech-Fashion


This Keyboard Pants is pretty cool. It might be able to win the Tech-Fashion of the year if you can tailored it neatly and add some bling-bling to it. I’m not sure if the keyboard will function like the flexible silicone keyboard or not, but it seems this stuff is just a dummy.

UPDATE: it’s not a dummy. But only half of the keyboard work as the creator find it impossible make both of the sliced keyboard to work probably.


The USB connector seems like a fake ornament/decoration for the pants and I can find the actual statement in the makers site. But it should be a working keyboard if you known some electrical skills and follow the guide at the source link below.

It certainly looks cool. But I would rather getting a blue colored flexible silicone keyboard instead of Pink! 😉

(Source via UberReview)

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