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Colorware Color Treatment for Amazon Kindle 2

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Especially this week, most of us has set our focus exclusively to the Latest Amazon Kindle DX and hardly to remember that Kindle 2 for awhile. Well, we can’t blame on anything since Amazon Kindle DX did have a good buzz this week. But let’s going back to the ‘Old’ Kindle 2 since we’ve got a good color treatment for it by Colorware.


Colorware has released their own customized cases for Amazon Kindle 2 with several cool color series starting from blue, pink, black and green. It certainly looks more appealing than the default white color. The only downside is the color treatment is not a DIY project. You will need to send your Kindle 2 to them for customization + $199 as the fee, or you can directly buy the pre-built Colorware Kindle 2 for $599.


Certainly expensive and on that price I can get one Amazon Kindle DX + 11 downloadable Kindle books at price of $9.99 each. ;)

Well, it’s a matter of taste. If you have the cash to spend for the uniqueness, go ahead to Colorware site to place your order.

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