Sturdy Looking NZXT Cryo S Notebook Cooler

NZXT Cryo S Notebook Cooler is one cool black notebook cooler with sturdy frame design. It gives a sense of sturdiness thanks to the thick 3mm brushed aluminum and the black color has turn it into something pretty sleek and stylish.


More interesting feature is the Huge 120mm dual fans beneath the seat for your laptop and will passionately blowing the heat away from your laptop. The dual fans goes further by adding an extra adjustment scroll so you can adjust the speed of the fan to suit your needs. You will also in get extra 2 High-Speed USB ports at the rear side along with the speed adjuster.

If you think dual fan is not enough, you can always go to the triple fans option! 😉


Very sleek, and this NZXT Cryo S Notebook Cooler might just come on time for the Summer season where hot weather is everywhere! If you are interested, this NZXT Cryo S Notebook Cooler could be a good treat for yourself for only $49.99 at NZXT.


(via Geeky Gadgets)

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