Codeact Greditor Pro GR100 Keyboard for Video Artists

If you are a Youtube Video pro-publisher or perhaps a beginner or expert in video editing, encoding and management, you will probably come to love this Codeact Greditor Pro GR100 keyboard.


This Greditor Pro GR100 keyboard is a special-made keyboard for video editing purposes. The package along with the keyboard also including special software for video encoding and management.

The Keyboard itself has up to 105 Keys, and extra video editing button and dual jog dial at the right side.

The Dual jog has a cool ambient lighting and will light up in Green, blue and red and each color indicated something in Video editing process. Greditor Pro GR100 keyboard also has a set of nine dedicated media keys and giving a direct access to the video Encoding and management software interface.


Codeact Greditor Pro GR100 keyboard also have 2 USB ports at the right hand sideways and 1 Mini USB port for miscellaneous purposes. Sadly, this keyboard is only available in Korea for now and the equivalent price is about US $128. Not so expensive actually and there are several color to choose from.


(Source (Korean) via Nexus404)

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