Dynamite Shaped Loud Alarm Clock

If you are ignorant to your morning alarm bell and always resist to call an end to your sleep, this Hell Loud Alarm Clock might be a good stuff to nudge you off for your bed!

It’s a dynamite shape alarm clock and it’s Hell loud, loud enough to scare a cat!

Wake up with a bang with this classic time-bomb styled novelty alarm clock. This highly-alarming alarm clock will definitely wake up anyone that needs a bomb under them to get them going in the morning! Please be careful and don’t leave this anywhere it could be mistaken for a real bomb! Not recommended for use when travelling! This novelty digital alarm clock has a useful, snooze function, backlight and easy-read display, so it’s a great bedroom alarm clock in its own right as well as being a cool and fun novelty.

You can find this Dynamite Bomb Alarm clock in sell at Gobaz for £14.99 or $21.44. Buy one and start bombing yourself every morning. 😉

(via Edward)

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