Fukitorimushi – Robotic Floor Cleaner to Challange Roomba

If you keep thinking there is no match for Roomba floor cleaning robot, then you are wrong! Absolutely wrong. Recently Panasonic has invented one Coolest robotic floor cleaner that shaped like a comfortable pillow dubbed as Fukitorimushi. Here is the snapshot of it:

Unlike Roomba, Fukitorimushi moves like a worm. The front side is equipped with electronic sensors named with Blue White light to detect dusts and dirty spots while another light that shine in Red to destroy the dirty stains like a lightsabre zapping the enemies.

The main thing that set Fukitorimushi away from Roomba is the Teijin’s Nanofront cloth that containing polyester filament proved to be 7500 times thinner than our hair! This Nanofront cloth then acts as the cleaner that capable of sucking oil at a good level, while also great at cleaning really-really small dust particles. :)

Please watch this video for more detail about the Fukitorimushi robotic floor cleaner in action:


I agreed that the movement is hell slow. And most of the time, it will scare children because they think it’s a pillow worm moving across their home. 😉

(via Pinktentacle, Coated, Coolest-Gadgets and GadgetLite)

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