SmartQ 7 Internet Tablet Looks Promising

Demanding for a portable Internet browser gadget? SmartQ 7 sounds like the one you are looking for. SmartQ 7 is one of the newest Internet Tablet announced in China. It has a large-enough touchscreen of 7-inch WVGA and powered by Samsung ARM S3C6410 Processor (@667Mhz) for mobile device.


SmartQ 7 also has a good Wireless supports such as WiFi or Bluetooth. It has 128MB internal DDR RAM and only providing 1GB flash memory as the basic storage. But you can expand it anytime you want by adding up to 32GB MicroSD Memory card to the provided slot.



SmartQ 7 could pretty much sustain for 4-6 hours thanks to the 4500mAh rechargeable battery. Well, it all depend on how you use it. You can go online with your local EDGE and HSDPA network by plugin your EDGE/HSDPA adapter or cell phone via the High Speed USB 2.0 port.

But that is optional since it has an internal WiFi device. You only need to find your nearest hotspot and go online on the spot effortlessly. The price is set to the equivalent of $189. But it’s only available in China for now.

(via techchee, pocketables and winarco)

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