Summer Gadget: Aviva Iceberg Floating Climbing Wall Inflatable Toy

Want to have a good fun Summer this year? Well, there are bunch of Summer gadgets we have covered last year. For example, the bumper boat or the Body Contour Beach Lounge. All of those serve the same purpose, to help you have some fun in Summer.

Now in this year, there is a Summer gadget that is a bit more extreme in both game play and pricing. The name is Iceberg from Aviva Sport!


This is the Aviva 14-feet Iceberg water slide sport gadget for Lake or water park. Perhaps you can use it in a pool but make sure the pool is large enough to contain the whole of iceberg while leaving some space for safety reason. This Iceberg is inflatable toy and the challenge is to see who is gonna be the first one reaching the summit of the Iceberg.


Looks very fun and challenging. The only thing that might set your down is the pricing. You have to pay as much as $5,000+ to own it and have fun with it. Well, if you got the money, you can use the following comparison table to get the lowest price or just go to Amazon to get it!


UPDATE: You might also want to check out “How to climb the iceberg” Youtube video. Have a fun Summer! 😉

(via GearFuse and LuxuryLaunches)

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