Surf Shelf – Laptop Holder for Fitness Geek

If you are the type who love to exercise daily and regular but can’t live without a laptop in front of you, the Surf Shelf is the answer for you.


Surf Shelf is a laptop holder, but it’s not a common laptop holder. Surf Shelf made exclusively for sportman to attach their laptop to their fitness machine so they can browse the web while exercising at the same time.

With this surf shelf attached, you will have no more boring exercise day because it comes equipped with entertainment online video channel with up to 84-channels to choose from and it’s all just an arrow away.

The tray of the Surf Shelf will accommodate any laptop on the market including 17 inch wide-screens. If the laptop is wider than the Surf Shelf, no problem, the Velcro strap will ensure that it’s totally secure. We also tested the SurfShelf to hold over 50 lbs, so there’s no way it’s going to break under normal usage…

Surf Shelf is just $39.99 and you can order it directly from Pretty a cheap price to help you enjoy your exercise sessions!

(via Redferret)

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