Diesel Watches Show Blank Face to Fool People


You may think this diesel watch is another hard to read watches and made for nerds only. No, if you think so then you are wrong. It’s actually very simple to read this watch. Although in the face your found nothing but a pitch Solid Stainless Steel black case, you will find 4, yes, it’s 4 clocks that show you 4 different time zones at the sideway of the clock.


If you observe carefully, you will see the Black and White background of the each side clocks. You can set them to any time zone by using the button below each clocks. Kind of weird because when you need to tell the time, you’ll have to raise your hand 45-degree of the normal position. But for you who have a good taste of Lifestyle and fashion, this Diesel Watch should be a good supporter for your life.

You can get Diesel watch for $365 at Watchismo.

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  • aldemir felix viana

    gostaria de comprar o relógio: side-view blank face, e saber o valor e como posso fazer o pagamento e quando recebo o relógio? Obrigado!

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