New Macbook Air Rival: MSI X-Slim Model X400 and X600 Laptops

Macbook Air should has become the measurement of the thinnest laptop. So MSI is getting ready to release their own competitors for Macbook Air dubbed as the MSI X400 and X600 in their X-Slim product lines.


The above image is not the official one yet. But it should be more thinner than the current MSi X340.

MSI X400 will comes with a 14-inch screen and new super thin Li-poly battery (8-cell) and weighing 1.5kg, while the X600 will have a larger 15-inch screen, 9-cell battery, weigh in 2.1 kg and an individual GPU device.

No pricing yet, and the availability still unknown.

UPDATE: it’s available now (X600) for $800 at Amazon. you can find the X600 CULV Laptop Detail here.

(via Ohgizmo)

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