Cordotz Wire Management System

Most of us will have a cable management problem. It’s simple because the gadgets or hardware we are using is not complete wireless yet. Such as your charger for your cell phone or iPhone, or Your PC Cords, or your home entertainment devices that stuck in the same power outlet sometimes will cause a “Cord Chaos” according to Cordotz. So they invented something called ‘Cordidentifier’, ‘CordStraps’ and ‘Cordwarps’ to solved the chaos.


It will simply add an identifier via Color variation and icon (for cordidentifier and cordstraps) while shortening the long and annoying cable into the cordwarps. It probably has the same usage with Cable ID. However, Cordotz has that “Dotz” feature to surpass Cable ID. Dotz is the little icon in the Cordidentifier and CordStraps to help you indentify your cable easier.


Surprisingly, the three version of Cord Chaos solver will cost you $9.99 only. Very cheap solution to clean your cable riot beneath your desk!

(via crunchgear and Craziest Gadgets)

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