Geomate Jr GPS for Kids

Here is a new Game for your Kids. Geomate Jr GPS is a kid-friendly GPS locator that will direct them to go outside of the home to hunt for treasures. It’s far better than buying them a PS3 which will send to to sit all day long in the couch.

geomate-jr-gps-for-kidsYes, The treasures here is a log book or sometimes a small prize for your Kids’ effort to find them. Geomate Jr GPS has a pre-programmed geocaches and it has been loaded with 250,000 caches position for your child to explore. You can directly use the Geomate Jr GPS out of the box and it’s very simple to use. Once you switch on, you will see an arrow will pointing to the nearest cached location.

There is only two buttons in Gemoate Jr GPS, one big and one small. The small one will act as the cache maker, and the big button will be the start button. pressing two of them together will causing the device to mark your current location as the starting point or “home” and let you begin to search for the nearest caches for treasures.

Geomate Jr GPS is only about $70. It also have an update kit, but it is not on sale yet.

(via Gadget Lab)

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