LULA Air Monitor Helps You Keep Your Lung Clean from Bad Air


LULA Air Monitor is a concept, everyone can tell because the picture was computer rendered. But it’s a good concept to help us stay health and fit by monitoring the Air of our environment. Since air pollution is getting serious these days, this LULA air monitor will help you noticing which of your room or area has the cleanest air, and it also let you know if there is a bad air flowing to your zone.


LULA Air Monitor is inspired by our Lung shape and this concept is the great work of Justin Gargasz. LULA will glows in soft blue color to indicate a good air surrounding and it will glows in Yellow when something is not right with the air quality. It’s actually the same concept with Breathing Bud Air Quality Detector. Both will help you monitor air quality and with their special made software, the device could make some suggestion about how to clean your air and raise your air quality.

Very good, Let’s hope we can actually enjoying such a eco-gadget in this 2009!

(via YankoDesign and ecoFriend)

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