Brando’s 4-in-1 Hard Drive Dock


Brando has comes with an amazingly good hard drive dock, complete with the the 4-in-1 features. The last hard drive docking station was to be able to dock a dual hard drive in one device while provide no other feature.

In this new Hard drive dock by Brando is really amazing because it has the following 4-in-1 features:

  • Hard Drive Dock for 3.5″ and 2.5″ hard drive
  • 2 ports of Hi-Speed USB hub
  • one Stereo Speaker with control buttons
  • built-in USB Audio Sound Card, enable you to do VOIP chat

Although it’s not able to host 2 hard drives together, the other features have covered that hole and kick all of the hard drive dock out of the competition. This is such a nice multi-duty gadget and it only cost you at $59 to get one. I believe, if you buy separately you’ll have to pay hundred of dollar and your desktop will be stuffed with them.

(via Crunchgear and Unplggd)

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