Digital Mini Microscope – Portable Magnifier

Extech has unveiled a new Portable Magnifier titled as Digital Mini Microscope($300) that weighs in 70g only!


This digital mini microscope provided a 1.8-inch TFT color LCD screen for you to do your detective task to observe small objects. Thanks to the cool lens, you can zoom up to 108x and it has an internal LEDS to properly brighten up the object that you want to zoom.

It also has several other notable features such as the 5 images effect modes and Dual Window View simultaneously displays the magnified image next to the original image on your PC screen via USB interface and included software.

The downside is the pricing factor. For a mini gadget with price at $300 is categorized as expensive. But if you really need one, you can actually find it at Thinkgeek for only $159.99 (with slightly different in specs).

(via Ohgizmo)

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  • Andrew Sinden

    That Extech microscope camera is an Awesome gadget. I was intrigued by your link to the one at Thinkgeek for half the cost but discovered that although they look very similar, the cheap one does not appear to have any/much onboard memory. It can “freeze the image” on the screen, but that seems to be it. The zoom is also one-fifth as good (20x), and I wasn’t sure what kind of PC connectivity it offers.

    Maybe for this kind of specialized product, that’s the premium for an upgraded model.

    So, I wouldn’t say it’s not an apples to apples comparison, but maybe it’s Granny Smith apples to MacIntosh apples? At any rate, for my job, I am seriously looking at this Ex Tech.

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