Griffin PowerBlock Reserve to Juice Up Your iPhone

Every iPhone user knows that iPhone is a battery-hungry device, especially if they have installed bunch of Apps in it. Previously we have covered a lot of solution to juice up your iPhone 3G battery such as adding an external battery, or Charger with 4-way charging method.

The latest gadget to juice up your iPhone is from Griffin Technology. It is another external battery for your iPhone 3G from called PowerBlock Reserve, which has some similarity with iPhoneNeck or Kensington battery pack. But this Griffin PowerBlock Reserve excel in its individual Charger for charging the battery, which will works in almost any AC wall socket.


Griffin PowerBlock Reserve not only works for iPhone, you can actually use it on any USB-rechargeable devices such as MP3 or cell phone. The price is only $40, reasonable for any of you who desire for more power for your gadgets.


(Griffin Technology)

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