Alesis ProTrack Stereo Recorder

I believe this gadget is from the past year, but still cool enough to be featured here. Alesis ProTrack Stereo Recorder is not just an ordinary recorder, it has the capability to turns your iPod Touch into a serious digital recorder in a snap! Check out the following picture for the iPod 3G and iPod touch implementation.


It looks very cool, and much more like a Stun gun or Taser gun, But it’s actually not. The twin cylinder on top is the microphones protected by dual metal wire. Now all you have to do is to dock your iPod into this cool Alesis Protrack stereo recorder, close them with the provided crystal clear shield and start your recording right away.


This Protrack stereo recorder capable of recording 16-bit, 22Khz and 44.1Khz digital stereo audio easily and it has a pair of combo XLR-1/4″ input in case you want to plug a condender mic. It might looks a little bit bulky in your palm, but it’s made solely for recording purpose only, not for tech styling or fashion.

Alesis Protrack Stereo Recorder will supports iPod Classic, iPod 5G, iPod Touch and even the iPod Nano 3G. It’s retailing for $199 now, but you can find the competitive price below or head to our Shopping Channel:


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