Solar Benches with WiFi Network and Nightlights Concept

How many of your family member actually stay out in the garden/park to browse the web? In my town, such a place is rare. Don’t talk about the human that exactly sit there pulling out their laptop to check mail or browse the web. It’s really a key to get your laptop robbed! :)

Well, it’s a good concept for peaceful country with great park to go. Solar benches might be an useful facility for anyone who love an outdoor activities. This Concept was built by a Boston genius, Owen Song. I think it’s very useful especially it has a nightlight for those who come home late, or those who love to watch star positions using telescope in the park while trying to find the name through the web.


The Nightlights will light up as the sky turns dark. I guess it should have some type of light sensor to allow such an automatic activities. And it seems the bench would have its own rechargeable battery to power up the nightlights and WiFi device.

The whole bench’s face is covered with a transparent cover while the Solar panel hidden beneath it. As the matter of eco-friendly, Solar benches will be built from recycled plastic and aluminum. So far so good, let’s just hope such a concept could become a real stuff.

(via GearCrave and Coroflot)

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