Toshiba DynaBook gets 512GB SSD Treatment

It’s rare, yes it is. A laptop with huge 512GB SSD is the World’s first until now. So perhaps Toshiba is trying to claiming the World’s First title for their Toshiba Dynabook, and let it carry the title to boost the sales point. But notice that SSD is still expensive, especially the one with large capacity, so you might want to expect a good 500 bucks added to the original price of Toshiba Dynabook.


It employs a 2-bit-per-cell multi-level NAND flash memory to realize, the world’s largest capacity SSD, with four times the density of SSD integrated into currently available products. The data access speeds has been increased approximately by 230% for read and by 450% for write.

SSDs are free of mechanical structures such as a rotating disc, and ideal for integration into mobile notebook PCs, making them more resistant to vibration and shock.

Toshiba Dynabook has an interestingly long battery life of up to 12 hours depending on how you use it. With weigh only at 1095g, you can obviously bring it anywhere easily and have no need to bring external battery to juice up the laptop. Pretty Nice.

(via Gadget Venue)

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