Alpha 680 – First Convertible Android Netbook

I’m not sure if this is the first Android netbook or not, but It certainly the first that has come through our Feed reader. Alpha 680 is an Android netbook manufactured Skytone, a Chinese company.


The Appearance looks a bit like a Digital Photo Frame because it has 7-inch screen (800×480) as the main display unit. Alpha 680 Android Netbook is powered by ARM11 533MHz processor, a low 128MB DDR2 memory (upgradable to 256MB only), while providing a super low 1GB SSD storage (upgradable to 4GB).


I guess there is not much you can do with this Android netbook. But you can actually browse the web via the WiFi wireless network connectivity. Not bad, beside the screen is convertible, it also comes with a keyword with integrated touchpad. Price estimated to be around $250 and it’s going to retail soon in the third quarter of 2009.

(via Coated, GadgetVenue and TechChee)

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