GameDr Video Game Timer for Kids

We have to be honest with ourselves. Who can resist the fun of playing game and will stop playing for certain hours for rest? Especially for the innocent kids, they will play their console games for the whole day long, day and night if you don’t limit them in some positive way (without scolding).

One of many way to limit their playing time is to install a timer gadget such as this GameDr from DigitalInnovations.


Finally, a simple and practical solution for limiting “screen” time that’s a cinch for parents to enforce. The GameDr Video Game Timer is an easy-to-use electronic time management device for video game systems and other electronic devices.

Parents simply set the time allowed for video game play and when the allotted time is up, the game timer automatically powers off the game system. Players even get 10-minute and 1-minute warnings so games can be saved.

Take the stress out of managing the amount of time your child spends playing video games with the game timer!

I’m sure if your home have kids and console games, you will need such a gadget to monitor and control their playing habit. Your kids won’t be able to do anything with the gadget because it comes with a 4 digit pass code to seal off the timer. More cool feature is GameDr can reschedule the exact time frame for your kids to play games every 24 hours. So you only need to set it once and forget it.

GameDr is only $29.99, if you are interested with this Game timer, please go ahead to Digital Innovations site to get it.


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