SkullCandy’s GI SGS Xbox 360 Headset

If you love to play fps games via Xbox Live with your friends, you might want to own one exclusive headset for your gaming purpose. SkullCandy has a cool collection of XBox 360 headset called GI SGS Xbox 360 Headset. Here is the snapshot of it:


Notice that the design is army-style filled, and the fabric warping the ear cups and head part looks pretty comfortable. It has 1.2meter long cord so you probably won’t have a problem with the length. Also notice that the SkullCandy GI SGS XBox 360 Headset also comes with integrated Microphone for chatting. FPS games is all about teamwork and crystal clear communication between you and your friends is very important to pwnd your opponents.

This SkullCandy GI SGS XBox 360 should be able to gives you the best enjoyment in both realistic game sound and communication between your team.

($79.95 available at SkullCandy)

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