K-Box to Create Sounds from Any Surface!

K-Box is a new product launched by Kerchoonz.com which is compatible with most of gadgets which could product sounds such as MP3 player, iPod, Laptop or even your smart phones (with certain feature needed).


The creator claimed that K-Box can turn any kind of surface, even your wall into a HUGE speaker by placing K-Box on them. I guess it’s similar with I-MU Vibro Speaker, but K-Box is not using a vibration to causes the sounds. K-Box uses a new technology titled as “Gel Audio Technology” and beside providing a good sounds, it also has a truly incredible bass response.

Some say the sound could be at a deafening state, but It seems it’s depend on what kind of surface you using at. If you are curious with this K-Box, it’s now available at a retail price of £39.99 (about $62) and you can get it at Kerchoonz.

(via Geeky Gadgets)

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  • Steve

    I saw one of these yesterday – very impressive and way better than that i-mu gadget.
    A mate had it plugged into his ipod in the office. We thought it was a wind up when we saw how small it was =)

  • The Stevie

    This KBox Speaker does use vibration, all speakers do to some extent. What this has going for it apart from it’s excellent bass, it it doesn’t look like a gimmick. It’s very subtle, maybe too subtle for what punch it packs. It doesn’t look some kinky sex toy (although that vibration!) and sits pretty, as it’s shape is similar to the Nokia N series phones.

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