Liquid Cooled Desk PC Mod

The recent cool PC mod that come across us is this Desk PC Mod. It’s basically a modding to hide your PC inside a desk. In this version, the creator use a cool transparent clear acrylic with the aluminum frame as the seat for the PC.


In this mod, the specification is quite high and equipped with a custom synaptics flush-mounted trasparent touchpad with procimity sensor and light.

You will find a 3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor, XFX 790i Ultra SLI motherboard, 4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 memory, PaLit GeForce GTX 280 video card, twin 300GB 10,000rpm VelociRaptor hard-drives, and a Blu-ray drive Sony BDU-X10S.

This is certain a rare mod to fuse furniture and PC together. It’s just too bad we could find a Core i7 or a SSD equipped. That two hardware alone could boast the performance to a good level, but we know that it won’t be a cheap stuff to get.

The creator went further to add eye-catching six blue neon bars and seven glowing exhaust fans to the mod to increase the “WOW”ness. Pretty cool, but this stuff will bill your electricity high for the next month if you want to have a mod like this! :)

(via SlashGear)

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