Nite Glowring is a cool glowing keychain

I’m one of the glowing stuff lover, so no wonder this Nite Glowring successfully seized my attention. It is a cool crystal-like material known as the laser-sealed borosilicate glass. The thing that allow this cool Glowring to shine like a mysterious gems is the internal coated phosphor which will produce light source.


It’s very pretty and you’ve got 3 colors selection to choose from. Starting from Blue, Red and Green. The Light source probably could glow for up to a decade, and all you have to do is to charge them via any light source instead of keeping them inside your pocket.


This Nite glowring is important for you who usually come home late and no proper lighting in you patio. It could help search for the correct key for your door, or become a very dime flashlight to search for stuff in an emergency situation.

If you want one, this cool Nite Glowring keychain is available over at the website for £9.95 (about $15 USD) only.

(via GeekAlerts)

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