Nottable Laptop Stand by Nelson Motta

Nelson Motta has design a super cool laptop stand titled as “Nottable Laptop Stand”. It’s a aluminum driven, but looks sturdy enough to hold 17-inch laptop which have weight over 3 kilograms.


It has a very flexible leg which allow you to change it to any position, from meditation floor sitting position to standing position. It’s so good that I will immediately pull out my credit card to purchase this Nottable Laptop stand! :)




Unfortunately, it’s still a design, yes it’s not for sale yet. But it’s near to be realized because such a laptop stand will selling like a hot cake for laptop user who tired of the conventional sitting position.

(via Geeky Gadgets, Like Cool)

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  • Michelle Clermont

    This is the best thing I have seen for versatility ever (well for the computer) where can we buy one?

    • Hi there,

      Well, just like what I’ve said in the article. It’s still a concept At the moment. But we will update this post if it has become available. Why don’t you subscribe to our free update via Email or RSS? :)

  • It’s fantastic!!!! I want to import the products as soon as possible. When will be available? Please let me know the time and the price. I hope I have a chance to deal it in my country.

    • Hi Samuel. The availability is still unknown. You may want to check out their official site at for more detail. :)

      I’m also hope to be able to get it soon! It’s just too awesome. 😉

  • HI,everyone ,this nottable will be available soon in our factory ,For any details ,pls feel free to contact with Ailsa to update the information—— ( We will reply you ASAP.

    • Be sure to send us a sample, Ailsa. We will review it and promote the merchant site. 😉

  • lorette

    is it for sale yet?
    i really want this

    regards lorette from holland

    • I guess not, Lorette. It is not available yet until today. I wonder what’s holding them back… Perhaps we should find the alternative for it or this kind of waiting is neverending. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

      • joe rubie

        hey there sane here i really like this product however it seems it is still not available does anyone know of an alternative to this or anything similar to this?? please let me know

  • Pablo

    I need to know when are you going to sell it and if I can get one to sell it in mi country Mexico. I have the possibility to sell lots of!!

    Greetings from Mxico City.

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