Energizer Hard Case Tactical Flashlight

After last year with their new solar charger, Energizer has released yet another cool gadget to support our life. This time, Energizer is trying to ruled over the flashlight market by releasing their “Hard Case Tactical Flashlight”, the so called King of LEDs flashlight because the device has 70 lumens white LED, and green, red, blue, and IR LED.


LED flashlight is suspected to be the next generation flashlight thanks to the cool functions such as super bright and very durable to any situation. Energizer developed this Hard Case Tactical Flashlight perhaps is to follow this trend and this product is actually a revision or the 2nd generation of Energizer flashlight (It seems we have missed the 1st generation).

Energizer Hard Case Tactical Flashlight has an interesting rotating head design, and it’s created in a more practical method. Although this gadget need two AA batteries to lights up properly, in an emergency situation where you are lack of battery, with just one piece of battery could give you some light. This is amazing because I’ve never seen such a flashlight yet.

The base of the light is flat enough for that it can stand up straight, with the head swiveling almost 180 degrees. It’s a particularly useful feature when you don’t have a spare hand to hold up a light. Though it appears bulky, it’s one of the more versatile lights we’ve seen in a while. –Seth Porges

Energizer Hard Case Tactical Flashlight will be available soon with suggested price of $125. It’s expensive, I agree. But looking at the multiple functions and features, I guess it worth the money.

(via Crunchgear)

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