RSS Coasters for Blog Maniac

As a blogger, we always value our subscriber and always offers you all to subscribe to our RSS feed for site updates. That RSS feed icon has somehow become our sacred symbol and tool to measure how successful our blog has become or about how many thousands kind readers has subscribed to our content.

That’s why when I made with this cool RSS Coaster made from Plywood, struck our mind hardly and I’m almost to scream “Amusing!” with a deafening sounds. :)


Each set comes with 16 coolest designed drink coasters and all of them represent the RSS system. It’s all handmade and the plywood was wrapped with a clean cut vinyl decal and backed with anti-slip rubber.

Okay stop the babbling. I’ve ordered mine and it’s $60 only. 16 pieces of the coasters translated into $3.75 per RSS coasters. Pretty cheap for a fans like me. 😉

(Product Page via technabob)

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