BMW Baby Racer II – Car for ‘Rich’ Baby


If you have a baby and some money to spend, you might want to get this BMW Baby Racer II for your baby. Don’t worry. I know every time we read or hear about BMW, we will expect to ‘waste’ piles of hard earn money to exchange for it. Well, I can safely tell you that this BMW Baby Racer II will not make a big hole in your wallet because it only cost you $110 a pop.

This new BMW Baby Racer has a real cool body design similar to your actual BMW (if you have this car). The wheels is covered in a low-noise rubber tires to help your baby overcome small obstacles both indoor and outdoor.

More info @LikeCool and Product Page

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  • Behi

    Dear Sirs or Madam

    Please let me know how can I get one of BMW car from

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Behi,

      We have corrected the link to the shop above. you can hit the ‘product page’ link now to find the BMW Baby Racer II, or just hit this link to go directly to the page.


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