IXING – Capsule Vitamin Music Player Concept

Talking about capsule gadget, we were impressed by one of the design from the past – the Gélule Capsule Concept Clock Radio because it’s so futuristic and modern. We thought there will be now match for such a design, but we are wrong.

Designer SangNam Park from Korea, submitted his magnificent work of another capsule looking gadget dubbed as iXing Vitamin Music Player concept. Check out the snapshots below:



iXing is a mini tune toter that support both MP3 and WMA files, and it has an interesting playback methods. The on and off button is seamlessly integrated into the capsule so whenever you want to turn it on/off, just press the capsule. Want to play the next song? just twist it to the right. Previous songs? easy, just twist to the left for rewind.


We are in loved with such a concept design and truly hope in the future someone would build such a cool stuff for us.

(via YankoDesign)

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