Qosmio Transformers USB Hub

It seems this month is a golden month for Transformers gadget to show off. We have already covered the Ravage USB Drive, Trypticon Laser Mouse, and Tigatron Flash drive. Now, we have another ‘new’ autobot joining the force – Qosmio Transformers USB Hub($42).


It’s actually not exist in the story, but this guy can transform into a netbook with 4 hi-speed USB 2.0 ports, which make him looks cool enough. And it also has some weird addition of a Cassette deck. Playable or not, I’m not sure because this stuff is also available for Pre-Order only. It will be released from the cage on this September 2009.

Now I’m really curious why all of the transformers gadgets must wait for this September!

(via Craziest Gadgets and SlipperyBrick)

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