Transformation 6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

It seems I’m right. This month is really the month for those transformation gadgets to reveal themselves to the public. After a series of cool transformers gadgets, now it’s time to see the real transforming robot (no more autobot here) in form of separated parts which you can build it to 6 type of robotic gadget and it movable thanks to the Solar panels part for each type.




So what you can get from this 6-in-1 robot kit? If you are keen enough to assemble and dissemble them one after another, you will get a robotic dog, a solar powered boat, a moving plane, windmill, desktop plane and a cool 4 wheels car. There are total of 35 parts, including the solar panels and it only cost about $21 to teach your children how to play an eco-friendly toy.

If you are interested, go ahead to Red5 to find the detail of this 6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit.

(via TechChee, GeekAlerts and Coolest Gadgets)

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