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Coin Bank Doubled as Room Divider

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If you are getting bored by the conventional piggybank, you should start seeking for new method of saving your coins. Here is a solution shared by Revol-Design. They have created what they called “Coin Bank” to save your coins, and at the same time to show how coin-rich you are by turning your coins into a room divider like the following picture:


It’s by no mean to show how rich you are, you can turn it into a pretty artistic room divider. The only down side is the way of removing the coins from the bank. There is a lock at the bottom side and once you unlock the lock, the coin will start down fall like a waterfall! :)

This coin bank from Revol Design is not yet available. So if you need something like need this, you’ll have to build yourself based on the picture above.

(via OhGizmo)

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  • John Grychak

    I’d like to purchase a coin savings bank, it’s a black box about 8″high, and 5″ wide, with a digital readout as you push coins thru slot, do you still have such? It opens with 4 phillips head screws.

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