Samsung Bendable AMOLED prototype

AMOLED is the new emerging technology for use at mobile device. Don’t confused by the Jargon of AMOLED, it’s actually AM + OLED, a new medium developed from OLED. AM stand for “Active-Matrix” which refers to the technology behind the addressing of pixels.

Samsung Mobile display has showed out their first prototype of 6.5-inch display using this AMOLED technology. The best of all is the bendable screen, really flexible, 1000 times faster response time and it cost less power than the current OLED Display gadgets such as Zune HD.

HP has already announce their paper-thin display, but they are working in the different technology. If we paired with the thin speakers, perhaps we can create a home theater out of nothing but pieces of paper-thin element.

Seeing such a technology, It’s more than possible that our future lifestyle will be similar to any high tech sci-fi movie we’ve ever seen so far.


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