Shuriken USB Flash Drive – Give your PC a Ninja Treatment!

For you who have a big fanaticism toward Ninja tools, this Shuriken USB Flash Drive is certainly something you shouldn’t miss!


This is certainly cool. A killing tool transformed into user-friendly with non-bleeding sharp edge USB flash drive. There is a similar Shuriken gadget in the past, but this one seems cooler for Ninja geek who happen to store a lot of data in mobile devices such as Flash drive.

When you plug into your PC or laptop, it will looks like the shuriken is jabbed deep into your PC as if it has been damaged by shuriken ninja. :)

If you are interested to be the second Naruto, you can equip yourself with this Shuriken USB flash drive for only $108 at GeekStuff4U.

UPDATE: More Picture below!


(via Coolest Gadgets)

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